Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Playing with Pictures... my friend Kev can attest, I've been in need of a new hobby since I've been dabbling with a couple of image processing apps that I've acquired and uploaded to my iPhone, Ianto.

From the files of "Gone, but not forgotten": this picture is of one of the ride vehicles (subs) from the extinct 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction that was part of Fantasyland in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida. I'm not sure if it was photographed by Disney staffers though it looks like a "planned" shot possibly for promotional materials. I snerched the picture from a twitter user I follow (@wdwfacts) recently...

Sub in color

Growing up I quite enjoyed this attraction. Yeah...there was a touch of cheesiness to it...but still I liked it. When I came across the image in the twitter feed mentioned above, it was part of that day's "Wayback Machine" photos that they've started putting up and out on the interwebzzes. A clankity-clank jumbled in my brainpan and I got the notion to filter it to more of a steampunkier feel...or, at least, a sense of something more Verne-ian in vintage...


Sepia Nautilus


I'm also noodling with the idea to do an arty crop of thie sepia'd version and adding text to it as the thought upon seeing the "after" I knobbled together could very well work as a banner for the WEDwayJoe entries where I look at experiences about the WDW parks from the far-flung past...

- - -
I'd enjoy seeing the reactions to the "before" and "after"...if you have a mind to spare a moment...



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