Monday, June 30, 2014

There and Back Again: A Tale of an Excursion to, around, and beyond Disneyland

[Part Zero]

With all the items, topics, and things rattling in the bonepiece I call a skull there is something I need to do to get this shebang rolling. That would be expressing my gratitude with getting to meet people I have only kn0wn via online contact over the years, and my deep thanks to a certain few who this trip could not have happened without.

But first; a prologue by way of a backstory…

As twenty-thirteen was drawing to a close and I was calculating my prorated work bonus that I would be receiving this past March I hit upon something. I realized that my bonus for working a full-year that would be posted to my accounts come March 2015 would allow me the chance to make a journey; a pilgrimage to the homeland, if you will.

What “homeland” is this of which I speak? The place born of Walt Disney’s imagination that was, as told, inspired by spending time with his daughters in a local park: Disneyland.

All the years, decades, I have spent wandering around and experiencing the attractions at Walt Disney World in Florida. Not once have I had the chance to explore the original. Next year would be that would change based on my projections.

In to the story now comes my friend, Kevin. Our friendship started as one of those unique, almost fast-friends, kind of things. We had known of each other thanks to an online service called Livejournal. We officially met in person Spring 2005 amongst a bushel of bears eating at a sushi/teppanyaki restaurant with Chuck Norris less than 40 feet away…all in Dallas, Texas. Not quite two years later as our friendship thickened like thieves, Kevin begins talking about wanting to learn and explore the Disney parks in Florida. I share that I’d be happy to act as tour guide for him. So far, as of this writing, he and I have shared fourteen excursions to WDW now over the years.

Kevin eagerly listened as I shared stories from my early trips to WDW, discussing extinct attractions, and changes that have come to the Florida parks over time. He has taken that information, heaped upon tonnes of his own research and discovery, and formed his own memories and personal legacy there. His enthusiasm has helped to rekindle my own reminding me why I have come to call this place my second-home. The Magic Kingdom there and I grew up together with EPCOT Center as our younger sibling. Disney Hollywood Studios (nee Disney-MGM Studios) is our fun cousin. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is that relative I have had hardly any contact with, but am still trying to learn about.

Then a couple of years ago Kevin stretched his wings and left the metaphoric nest. He took the plunge and made the trip to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. While he traveled there and back alone, once there he met friends old and new – some we both share in common – and began forming a connection to the west coast parks that I did not have. As mentor of sorts in his learning things Disney Parks, I was happy to see him expanding his experience. Personally, I admit, being a little jealous that I could not be there to share those same first steps.

So…we rush back now to the present, minus a few months. Giddy about my permanent employment and my projected plans for 2015 I share the information with Kevin. This past February he jets to Georgia to hang with me and take in a Drive By Truckers concert in Athens. After collecting him from the Atlanta Airport and have him bundled in to my car he gets this secret smile and hands me a blue manila folder.

“Surprise!” he exclaims with a twinkle to his eye.

I open the packet…and I am at a loss for words. This person…this friend…had just handed me confirmations for a Disneyland trip that I am to be part of THIS YEAR. Not 2015 as my plans had begun aiming towards. Kevin had taken it upon himself to up my timetable a year.

He can see the emotions playing on my face; the quiver of my lips and watery sheen in my eyes. I try my best to be the enigmatic one – the quiet one that people tell you to watch out for. Even with becoming as close as friends and Kevin and I have he still has problems “reading” me. I, on the other hand, can easily pick up on his body-language and “tells”. This time…this moment…I cannot hide what it is that is in my brain.

The better part of me wants to refuse this gift. It is too much: plane tickets, hotel, park pass. All he wants me to worry about is food, souvenirs, and having a fun time. In my bleary-eyed haze I want to smack him for doing this; and I tell him so in my cracking voice.

He then shares with me about how he’s been planning and plotting this thanks to an over-abundance of work and compensation from said work. He wanted to do this for me…to be the one to be there with me as I took my first steps in Disneyland as I was there for him in his early days of learning about Disney World. I get this...I understand his feeling, his want, to be able to do for friends when he has the means to do so. I have that in me as well. It’s just…difficult…to consider that I would be the recipient of something like this.

We’ve moved full-circle now. The mentor becomes the mentee.

And while I still think he went way too far in handling these arrangements and should not have done this, I am forever flattered and touched by his actions and generosity.

 (l-r: Kevin & Joe)

Thank you, KQuig. I wish I knew how I could ever have earned this…


PS: More to come about me and my thoughts, opinions, dinglehoppers, and whatnots about Disneyland.



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DLR/DCA Excursion Cresting on the Horizon

In roughly fifty-one hours from this entry (yes, calculated to include the time change) I will be within sight and steps of Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, and Anaheim's Downtown Disney (DLR/DCA/DTD). To admit that I would not have ever imagined being THIS close to the “original” would be an understatement.

Am I excited? Yes.

Am I anxious? Yes.

Am I packed? Not yet. But, isn’t that always the case, my friends?

One thing that has been on my mind since the building blocks of this trip came together is remembering to keep as open a mind as possible while exploring DLR/DCA/DTD. I am hoping that I do not just stuck or mired in the mindset of too criticizing my compare and contrasts between East and West Coast attractions. It would certainly be a disservice to the US Disney Parks as they each have their charms; but, also you, my readers. I realize on some of the things upon which I write can be “preaching to the choir”, but I also hope to leave you with something as objective yet fun as possible enticing you to experience these items for yourself. I hope that seed of curiosity germinates in to something where each of you creates your own memories to cherish.

As a caveat, I do have an admission to share: Yes, I will more than likely be rating, comparing, contrasting attractions between East and West coast. I really do not think that can be prevented. Especially when you have the hallmark/keystone attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion at one's disposal.

But, there's also another layer to that comparison between the Florida and California parks: use of ride technologies but with different themes. A couple of contenders for this layer of contrasting are attractions like Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Temple vs. Dinosaur, or Test Track vs. Radiator Springs Racers.

One attraction that I will not be able to run a side-by-side comparison with is DLR's Space Mountain as it is currently offline for a refurb. However, in a stricter sense, the Matterhorn at DLR is the same ride design as the Space Mountain in WDW-MK with bobsled style rollercoaster cars on a steel tube track.

So much to do! So much to see!

Hopefully I won't forget anything while packing!



Thursday, June 5, 2014

JoeZer Does Disneyland: Prologue & Initiate Final Countdown

With the topic of today's title it felt a good time to scrape off some of the dust and corrosion here in my Mickey Mouse eared sliver of the interwebs...

Thanks to a happy confluence of circumstances - mostly assisted along by my pal Kevin over at Kevidently - I am about to embark on my first ever excursion to Disneyland. Yes, kiddies and pixie-dusted comrades, my first EVAH visit to the Mousey Motherland. (...or, should that be "Furred Fatherland" since Walt was a male and not a female...?)

The anticipation is mounting. I'll be arriving in two weeks on 6/19/2014 to explore and wander the park that Walt built. (Well, he and the team of Imagineers, construction contractors, artists, artisans, etc.) I do not know how I will react once I am within sight of the property in Anaheim.

Will it be joyous rapture...?
Will it be harsh criticism brought on by comparing DLR/DCA to my years of experience with WDW...?
Just how particular and judgmental will your JoeZer be; if even his brain can get past the concept of "HOLY FRAK!! I'M IN DISNEYLAND!!!"
As I have mobile access to posting online here, on the Twitters, and Facebook...just keep peeking in on me.
(I wonder if I should go and make a Facebook page/group for WEDWayJoe...??)

Comment and opine away!!


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