Thursday, June 5, 2014

JoeZer Does Disneyland: Prologue & Initiate Final Countdown

With the topic of today's title it felt a good time to scrape off some of the dust and corrosion here in my Mickey Mouse eared sliver of the interwebs...

Thanks to a happy confluence of circumstances - mostly assisted along by my pal Kevin over at Kevidently - I am about to embark on my first ever excursion to Disneyland. Yes, kiddies and pixie-dusted comrades, my first EVAH visit to the Mousey Motherland. (...or, should that be "Furred Fatherland" since Walt was a male and not a female...?)

The anticipation is mounting. I'll be arriving in two weeks on 6/19/2014 to explore and wander the park that Walt built. (Well, he and the team of Imagineers, construction contractors, artists, artisans, etc.) I do not know how I will react once I am within sight of the property in Anaheim.

Will it be joyous rapture...?
Will it be harsh criticism brought on by comparing DLR/DCA to my years of experience with WDW...?
Just how particular and judgmental will your JoeZer be; if even his brain can get past the concept of "HOLY FRAK!! I'M IN DISNEYLAND!!!"
As I have mobile access to posting online here, on the Twitters, and Facebook...just keep peeking in on me.
(I wonder if I should go and make a Facebook page/group for WEDWayJoe...??)

Comment and opine away!!


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  1. It's the Final Countdown!!

    1. Well...I had tried to do something witty and posting a link to something referencing that classic 80's Rock piece, "The Final Countdown". And, wouldn't you know it...comments in Blogger are now able to handle hyperlinks or video embedding. Shite!

  2. ACK! NOT! Not "NOW".

    Shoot me and my fingers now....



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