Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trailer for Saving Mr. Banks

Today we're able to take our first look at the trailer for Saving Mr. Banks, the movie about how Walt Disney approached and P.L. Travers allowed her book to be used for the film, Mary Poppins.

Personally, the filmed version of Mary Poppins holds a special place in my heart. The trailer for the new "how it came to be" between Walt and P.L. has whet my apetite officially to see Saving Mr. Banks. Yes, it is a dramatization (one of the tag lines is "Based on the untold story") of known events. But, to gleen some aspect of what all went in to Disney's process to work with and, ultimately, convince Travers well enough to allow the filming rights, has intrigued me since I learned a while ago that she was not all that keen when first approached by Walt and the studio.

I've got this marked on my calendars now. How about you?

View trailer for Saving Mr. Banks at this link:

*Link courtesy of tweet posted by @DisneyD23 at 12:41pm ET 7/11/2013


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