Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DLR/DCA Excursion Cresting on the Horizon

In roughly fifty-one hours from this entry (yes, calculated to include the time change) I will be within sight and steps of Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, and Anaheim's Downtown Disney (DLR/DCA/DTD). To admit that I would not have ever imagined being THIS close to the “original” would be an understatement.

Am I excited? Yes.

Am I anxious? Yes.

Am I packed? Not yet. But, isn’t that always the case, my friends?

One thing that has been on my mind since the building blocks of this trip came together is remembering to keep as open a mind as possible while exploring DLR/DCA/DTD. I am hoping that I do not just stuck or mired in the mindset of too criticizing my compare and contrasts between East and West Coast attractions. It would certainly be a disservice to the US Disney Parks as they each have their charms; but, also you, my readers. I realize on some of the things upon which I write can be “preaching to the choir”, but I also hope to leave you with something as objective yet fun as possible enticing you to experience these items for yourself. I hope that seed of curiosity germinates in to something where each of you creates your own memories to cherish.

As a caveat, I do have an admission to share: Yes, I will more than likely be rating, comparing, contrasting attractions between East and West coast. I really do not think that can be prevented. Especially when you have the hallmark/keystone attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion at one's disposal.

But, there's also another layer to that comparison between the Florida and California parks: use of ride technologies but with different themes. A couple of contenders for this layer of contrasting are attractions like Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Temple vs. Dinosaur, or Test Track vs. Radiator Springs Racers.

One attraction that I will not be able to run a side-by-side comparison with is DLR's Space Mountain as it is currently offline for a refurb. However, in a stricter sense, the Matterhorn at DLR is the same ride design as the Space Mountain in WDW-MK with bobsled style rollercoaster cars on a steel tube track.

So much to do! So much to see!

Hopefully I won't forget anything while packing!



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