Saturday, April 4, 2009

Introducing myself...

Well, hello there. My name is Joe and I am a fan of the Walt Disney World parks in Central Florida.

ALL: Hi, Joe. that the twelve-step basic intro is out of the way (haha)...

Yeah...I'm a "Joe" for real and for true. I've been to the WDW parks in Florida many times over these past (nearly) four decades; so much so that, like some others, it feels like a second home to me. The biggest thing that helped towards that was growing up in Florida (three years in Key West and twenty-three in Bradenton). When we end up living an average of about an hour and a half drive away and that itch started up, all we needed to do was jump in the car and off we went on one of those numerous daytrips. Then, once I came of age and had my own driver's license (and my own car), that itch scratching was taken care of a bit more frequently.

Now...enough of that. Let's have some more of this: the reason I'm "here" in the blog-o-sphere (if anyone comes by to read, that is...). Nearly two years ago, my friend KevBot (of
Expeditions Keverest) dived in to WDW fan life with both feet: he began grabbing on to podcasts, scouring the internet...and when he realized that I had years of personal experience going to the parks...he helped reignite my own enthusiasm. The more I shared stories of my previous excursions and adventures, the more he soaked them up…and the more he learnt added a longing for the attractions that had been in place and lost (go ahead…ask him about Horizons. I dare you. *wink*).

I’m not the slowest to pick up on these new-fangled digital age things like mp3s, YouTube and such…but I wasn’t a quick adopter either. Following his enthusiasm I began checking up on the podcasts and such (I had already been a, somewhat lurking, member of the forums). Heck, I've even been interviewed for a WDW centric podcast.

Within the last couple of months, something began ticking away in my brain...

Even though the internet is awash in websites for pretty much anything you can think of, including and not limited to Disney and WDW, there's always room for more, right?. Such is the beauty (sometimes, curse) of cyberspace...and I'm claiming a few bytes and pixels for myself. Bear in mind that I'll be approaching this from my own personal viewpoint and in no way is meant to reflect the views and opinions of the Disney Company, the theme parks or their subsidiaries.

What I’m planning to write and post here are a few differing things from recollections of attractions/shows from the WDW parks that are now considered “extinct”, first-hand reports from recent and current trips to The World, reviews of attractions and restaurants, and a review here and there of Disney/Pixar movies that I am able to catch. I just need to remember to tag and title the entries appropriately. *wink*

And…yes, oh yes…pictures, pictures, pictures when and where ever I can use them in here.

So…grab a drink/snack, find a comfy spot and enjoy…

“Keep your imagination always moving toward the horizon.” - me


  1. Ever so sweet of you to say, KevBotty ol' boy.



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